Lucky Lucky Me!

Al and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary on February 11th. We were planning on going to Hawaii on our 10th, but our little Ms. Aly was born a month before which kinda put everything on the back burner. Since then life has just gotten in the way and Hawaii might be a 15th wedding anniversary trip now, if we are lucky. So, to celebrate the last two anniversaries and this one ahead Al has planned a weekend away for the two of us. He was doing a really good job of keeping it a secret and normally I have no problem with secrets. I love a good surprise, but for some reason this one was bugging me and I made him tell me. Soooo…. this is where we are going this weekend!


This is the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I guess when we arrive we are both having pedicures and they will be serving us ice cream sundaes. OMG my hubby loves me!!! This is not all, he has the whole weekend planned for rest & relaxation! I can’t wait!!! I will give a full review after we return, that is if I am not a complete blob of jello 🙂 Wow, I would so love to be a blob of jello!

Hoping to get some cards or something creative done with paper today. If I do I will be back later to post.



  1. Wow, Have lots of fun. I’ve never been, but it looks and sounds fabulous.

  2. Dawn R. said

    Lucky you….at least he can plan and keep secrets!!! Have a great time this weekend and really relax, you really need it!

  3. Jill H. said

    Happy Anniversary! Feb. 11 is my 14th anniversary! Wow, I hope you have a great time! What a great hubby.

  4. Karie said

    Hi Pam! For some reason, I can not leave a comment on your new site. YOU WON my February blog candy! E-mail your addy to me and I will get your prize in the mail! Thank you for being so patient and for participating in my first ever blog challenge!

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