Help I am drowning in a pile of mess…

I can’t tell you all how much I have missed posting. Since my last post we have moved into another house, started new jobs, put my daughter in daycare (which was the hardest of all),celebrated birthdays and Christmas, and so much more the list could go on and on. I appreciate your patience and hope that you will keep checking back as I am planning on posting some picts as soon as I can dig myself out of the mess that December has left.

I am excited that I have a new stamp room all to myself!! I am not in a dining room anymore with half of my stuff in different parts of the house. I am still trying to sort out where my things are and will be going in my new room. I am DYING to work on some cards!!! I have even had some scrapbook layouts pop into my head…yikes! That is so unlike me. Now if I could just get my ideas onto paper! I have high hopes that over New Years day I will be able to sneak away and get crafty! Wish me luck and look for some new ideas in 2008!!

Big Hugs and Crafty Wishes!!!




  1. Donna B said

    bless your heart! that in the midst of Christmas! That’s a lot to go through! I’ll be here when you get back – take care of yourself!!

  2. Glad to hear you haven’t been swept away somewhere! Looking forward to seeing some new creations. I’ll miss not seeing you in Palm Springs next week!

  3. corie said

    Happy New Year!! Big hugs and smiles!

  4. Dawn R. said

    I am so glad you are back….can’t wait to see what else you will come up with this year! So……when is the next stamp club? 🙂

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