What an incredible experience convention was. I learned so much, I feel like info was leaking out of my ears. The classes were great, the display boards were amazing, but most of all Shelli Gardner’s speech on the first day was what hit me the most. The theme this year was “Dream Big” and in a nut shell, Shelli made us all feel that we are all worthy of big dreams. Why dream little when you can dream BIG! Making your  dreams come true is not always easy and that storm clouds often form over us, but hold your umbrella proudly and you can make your dream come true, no matter what it is.  Each speaker at convention told us what their big dream was and they ranged from losing weight to being able to sing on Broadway. Everyone’s dream are unique and different just like us. Shelli also talked about the “Gratitude Attitude”. Be thankful for who you are and what you do have. It is natural for us to think negative about ourself, so we need to remember everyday that we can do anything.  I cried at the end of this speech, because life is rough and my family has gone through A LOT over the last 5 years between my husbands health, my father in law passing away, losing a baby and now unemployment. I have been feeling sorry for my family and I have had the “It’s not fair” attitude , but hearing Shelli talk I realized I need to be grateful. I do have a family whom I love dearly and things could be so much worse. I just need to dream big and hold a huge umbrella over my family , we can weather the storms together and we will be better off in the end.


OK time for some pictures! I was so touched by Shelli’s speech that I came home on Friday night and made her this card. She loves antique and Victorian styles, so this is what I came up with. It took me two hours to make this card, but I am satisfied with the results. Of course everything I used on this card was made with SU products.  The new Pretties Kit is fabulous!!! Lisa, my Stampin’ UP! Mom gave me a bunch of pieces to play with and I NEED more! You can do so many things with this kit and just like the Hodge Podge Kit it has tons of pieces at a very reasonable price. Anyway, Shelli had been taking pictures during the lunch hours so I knew that I could give this card to her at this time on Saturday (the last day). I sat down and literally scarfed my lunch and ran over to the line. Of course as luck would have it, they closed the line right in front of me and I couldn’t beg the man enough to let me in. So, I asked him nicely to make sure that he gave my card to Shelli and he said he would. Being that time of the month ” my cry week” as Al would say, I walked off to the bathroom crying from disappointment. I really wanted to see the look on Shelli’s face when I handed her this card, but trying to think positively I brushed the tears away and thought it wasn’t meant to be today… some other day. I went back to my table and of course my loving SU family was there for me and helped me to think of something on a better note, chocolate!  😉


This second picture is of three generations in my Stampin’ UP! group. From left to right, Connie, Kim, Jenni, Lisa and myself. Connie is my “SU Grandma”, which I am sure she loves to hear and of course Lisa is my “Mom”, Kim and Jenni are my “Sisters”.

I am now looking forward to my next event. I am participating in a Split Coast Stampers swap and dinner on Tuesday night. I am signed up to swap with 45 other ladies who are addicted to SCS like me. This should be a blast and I hope to take some pictures there as well. Guess I need to get going on those swaps now since only half of them are stamped. Of course they still need to be colored and spiked with dazzling diamonds! I will get a picture of those posted most likely Wednesday.

If you made it through this whole post then I thank you for listening to me go on and on! This was such a wonderful experience for me and I appreciate you letting me share it with you.

BIG hugs!



  1. Dawn R. said

    I just want to give you a BIG HUG!!!!! I totally understand what you said, we have all been there. What an inspirational message to hear from a wonderful lady, too bad you did not get to give her your card in person….I am sure she loved it! Have a great day and don’t forget to always carry your umbrella 🙂

  2. Karie said

    PHEW! I’m so glad you are back to posting…I’ve been going insane with out peeking at new creations! I love the card you made for Shellie! She will love it I’m sure!

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