“U” bleep…


ummm…pardon my french. Sometimes you just need a card that says it all for you. I made a card like this for my kids Principal, because he is leaving us after just a year. My kids and I really enjoyed his fun spirit and great sense of humor, I thought he  was just a perfect fit for our school. At our last PTA meeting I made him a card like this from our group and he about fell out of his chair laughing. He then wanted to know if he could get more of these cards. So, as a end of the year gift I made him a set of “U” cards which included this one, his favorite. ha! 🙂

I wish the picture would have turned out better. The lighting was totally off and now I am not sure that I will post the other two since the color looks so messed up. Bummer!

Well tomorrow my SU pre-order order comes…whoot!!! I can not wait to play with some new rubbah! So I am hoping to post some fun new things Thursday with those. I am having a 3-4-5 (make 3 cards for $5)  class this Friday night so I have to come up with my designs here soon. Also have to clean my house…blah!  Aly hasn’t been feeling good so I took her in to the doctor today and she has an ear infection, poor baby. So today was kind of shot. Also my  Aunt came into town Sunday so we have been spending time with her. Aaah who needs a clean house anyway..ha ha.


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  1. Anne said

    PLEASE post your other two cards! I just LOVE the U suck card, and would really like to see your others as well! And, the photograph really isn’t THAT bad! Maybe the colors are a bit off, but we get the picture! It’s the idea that counts!

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