Oh how I love this bag


UPDATE: I am officially going to be teaching a class on how to make this bag…whoot!! Sometime in either June or July, not sure yet. YEAH!!

I made another one of my altered “Beate one sheet box” bags. This time I used Fancy Pants paper and I am hoping that I will be able to teach how to make this at my new favorite Scrapbook store, Scrapbook Destination. This store just opened and is really put together well . They have a lot of fun things that the “big guys” don’t have which makes it so fun and dangerous. I talked with the owner and showed her my brown and pink bag and she asked me to get her a sample using the Fancy Pants paper and voila…here it is. What do you think? It takes exactly one sheet of 12 x12 to do this bag and the little matching note card. I am hoping to get over to the store today to show them….happy dance!! I would so love to be on a design team and this place would be awesome to work for.



  1. Dawn R said

    Love, love, love the bag with this paper!!! So WHERE is this secret store??? Have not heard of it yet!

  2. Karie said

    Man…can you come and teach that class here in Cincinnati as well? I adore these little bags you are making!

  3. nice

  4. Jill H. said

    I love this bag! It is so cute! Any chance you could send me the instructions on this? I wish I lived close enough to you to take your class. Good luck with it!

  5. Debra T. said

    You are sooooooo good!!!!! I love all that you do! Where do your ideas come from?

  6. PLEASE share with me how to make this cute box/bag I LOVE it!!! Thanks Carol :o)

  7. Sasha A. said

    I wish I lived near to take your classes. You do beautiful work,and they all look so fun! Are you planning on sharing your instructions? If so may I PLEASE have a copy.

  8. Lisa said

    These are gorgeous!! Is it possible to send the instructions..thanks.

  9. This is absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous. Your additions to Beate’s one sheet box make it irresistable. I’m sure you’ll get the job. I know I’d pay for a class to make it! :0) Mel

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