My so called tutorial on mini sliders

Well this is my attempt to explain how to make a mini slider. So here we go…


This is what you will need: Double sided tape, foam tape or dimensionals, piece of plastic shopping bag,  card stock and scissors

Step one: Cut a piece of card stock that will hold your sliding mechanism. The card I made yesterday was a circle so I cut two of the same size circle and trimmed the top and bottom to give a flat surface. On this example I am using a square.

Take a strip of plastic shopping bag and place it at the front top of your square. Now wrap  the plastic down and around the back so that it comes over the top of your square and just overlaps on the top.


Step 3:

Take a strip of plastic shopping bag and place it at the front top of your square making sure to match the top of the strip to the top of the card stock. Now wrap  the plastic down and around the back so that it comes over the top place a piece of tape only on the plastic so that when you overlap the plastic it will stick to itself and not the cardstock.


Step 4:

Now take a piece of card stock that is narrow enough so that you can put a strip of either foam tape or dimensionals along each side for a guide (see image below). Match the tab (this tab will be pulled down) to the top of your square. Place a very small amount of tape onto the plastic bag at the very top and attach the tab to it. If your tape is too long it will not let your tab pull down very far.


Step 6:step6minislider.jpg

Now flip your mechanism over so that the seam and taped purple piece are still at the top of your work space. This time put a very small piece of tape (making sure not to get any on the white card stock) on to the bottom of this side. Match the bottom of your tab to the bottom of the plastic (where the tape is) and adhere.


Step 7:

Now when you flip the mechanism back over if you pull down on the purple side your tabs will move. The purple goes down and the green goes up.


Step 8:

Next trim the excess off of your tabs and decorate. You will need enough of the tab to stick out so that you can pull on it when it is sandwiched between your card base and the top decorative piece. Now put your foam tape or dimensionals along the sides and adhere your card directly or on to a decorative piece which will be added on to your card later. Flip over and repeat with foam tape. Personally I like dimensionals better, because they are thinner then foam tape. That is what I used on my card in yesterdays post.


Last step


Step 10:

Add your decorative layer to the top. This (yellow piece) will be showing on top of the card and will be stamped on. Then attach the whole mechanism to your card front. This picture shows the tabs being pulled out once more.

Hope that wasn’t too completely confusing. I hope the different colors help. This tutorial stuff is not easy. Thank goodness for SCS and if you don’t subscribe you really should! I do and I sure learn a lot from it.

Now…its your turn to try  🙂



  1. Cheryle said

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dawn R said

    Thanks for the tutorial, I think I can manage this one on my own 🙂

  3. Carrie said

    Thanks Pam! This was just awesome. I made one and put it up on my blog with a link to you. Thanks so much!

    Carrie Gaskin

  4. So awesome!! Thank you for your tutorial girlie
    Dawn Griffith

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