Oooh icky spider!


Al (my hubby) works at this great place where they are big into team building. Wednesday his team is in charge of hosting a lunch for all of the other employees. Al asked if I would make a dessert that looked like a bucket of dirt and worms. He wanted cockroaches as well, but I couldn’t find any gummy ones so we had to settle for the tarantula instead. Ooooh I am not sure if I could eat this chocolaty dessert now with that icky spider on it. I made sure that when I was whipping this up that I would have to make a little extra for the kids and I to keep and chow down. This dessert is actually Bishops Pie, just upside down. Super easy and super tasty (without the bugs)!  Here are the ingredients and how you put it all together. Try it and let me know what you think.

1 small box of instant Chocolate pudding, 1 small box of instant vanilla pudding, 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of vanilla ice-cream, two Graham cracker pie shells, whipped topping and a chocolate bar. Mix the pudding, milk and ice-cream together and poor into pie shells. Top with cool whip and decorate top with chocolate curls made using a veggie peeler. yum yum!



  1. Vicky (up the street) said

    I have been making a “dirt cake” for my three guys for about 5 years now for each of their birthdays. I got the recipe from an old Martha Stewart show and it pretty much has chocolate pudding, oreos, cream cheese and cool whip in it… oh, and don’t forget the bugs or if you have a girl, you can add silk flowers. It’s not my favorite by a long stretch, but, they LOVE it so much that they won’t let me make anything else for their birthdays. I’ll have to try your variation for a non-birthday and see what they think of it.

  2. Al Smerker said

    Everyone at my office loved it and I still get requests for the recipe!

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